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Pulsedriver – Cambodia (Talla 2xlc Remix)

RELEASEDATE: 2022-09-02
LABEL: Technoclub Retro (ZYX)

Technoclub Retro brings back to life the stunning Cambodia by Pulsedriver with brand new Talla 2XLC uplifting remix. One of the biggest dance hits of 2000 is back with the uplifting remix that really deserves as Talla 2XLC stays true to the incredible energy of the original and turn it into a huge full on hands in the air euphoric trance anthem for the modern floors. Banging bass, thumping kicks and superb layers of colorful synths playing underneath the solid foundation that drives the track forward till the very inspiring breakdown. The vocal will bring shivers to all the old tranceheads and will touch the new generation of trance followers. The climax is truly unstoppable solid and to the point so you can expect mad reactions from the dedicated crowd. The package includes a nice dub mix for those who wish to play less vocals in their DJ sets. The beloved Cambodia by Pulsedriver with Talla 2XLC remix is out now on Technoclub Retro.


Talla 2XLC & Alexandra Badoi – Revive my Light

RELEASEDATE: 2022-08-19
LABEL: That’s Trance(ZYX)

Talla 2XLC collaborates with the beloved Romanian singer Alexandra Badoi
for the ultimate uplifting vocal trance anthem of the summer Revive My Light
on That’s Trance. You can expect a solid nearly 8 minutes gargantuan
production with driving basslines, thumping drums, crashing kicks and very
sweet summery positive synths. The breakdown is truly inspiring with piano
chords that go easily under your skin and raise the hair from head to toe.
Alexandra wins always the listeners with her distinctive voice and her
performance of the heartfelt lyrics is standing out from the rest. You will
easily feel lifted and very engaged from the perfect combination of
sensitive vocals, airy synths and cinematic strings creating the joyful
moment to raise hands and sing along with Alexandra: Revive My Light, Renew
my Senses. The synthy hook is irresistible and along with the vocal limbs
will take you higher until the drum roll build the excitement and unleash
the superb crescendo moment with that ultra-infectious synthy melody.

Talla 2XLC & Airwalk3r – Enough for me

RELEASEDATE: 2022-08-05
LABEL: Future Sequence

Trance legend Talla 2XLC looks back at more than 30 years of success in the music scene and a huge fanbase. His latest release “Enough For Me” is a  collaboration with Future Sequence label head Airwalk3r and delivers finest Uplifting Vocal Trance at its best! What a great tune that’s sure to please any member of the worldwide Trance family!



Talla 2XLC & Junk Project – Chaiyya Chaiyya

RELEASEDATE: 2022-08-05
LABEL: That’s Trance (ZYX)

Talla 2XLC collaborates with the incredible Junk Project aka Andreas Kraemer & SLT on That’s Trance after their very successful Pull. The vocals delivered from the incredible Saloni who adds her brilliant Indian vibes to the explosive mix as she performs the beloved Indian hit Chaiyya Chaiyya. Powerful unstoppable thumping techno kicks, fat stomping wobbly basslines, trancy travelling synths and manic acid layers leading on the emotional breakdown. Warm strings and touching melancholic chords are merged to deliver the stunning result. The vocal sounds so perfect in place and the result will blow the speakers particularly when the banging beats return for the ultimate climax that is dark, moody but still colorful and ready to explode. For those who don’t feel the vocals there is an instrumental version included in the package that is out now on That’s Trance. Bollywood Trance for sure by the safe and trusted hands of Talla 2XLC & Junk Project feat. Saloni – Chaiyya Chaiyya on That’s Trance.


Talla 2XLC & Airfire – No Signs of Life

RELEASEDATE: 2022-07-15
LABEL: Technoclub Retro (ZYX)

Talla 2XLC and Airfire revisit the brilliant trance classic No Signs of Life firstly released in 2000. Fast forward in 2022 the ultimate classic is back with an updated powerful full on uplifting trance sound. Super solid kicks, dynamic driving basslines and incredible breakdown with that epic classical music influenced memorable melody along with the spacey vocals and that characteristic piano melody to turn No Signs of Life into a magnificent modern future trance favorite. Talla 2XLC and Airfire classic No Signs Of Life is back with vengeance on Technoclub Retro.

Talla 2XLC & D72 – I Will Fly

RELEASEDATE: 2022-07-01
LABEL: That’s Trance

Talla 2XLC returns on his label That’s Trance along with the upcoming D72 aka Dirk Wershofen from Germany for the instant proglifting 132 BPM vocal trance
beauty I Will Fly. Great pulsating basslines and energetic playful kicks leading to the early long nearly 2 minutes first breakdown with beautiful female vocal performance
and empowering lyrics supported by soaring strings, luscious synths and emotionally loaded piano chords. The main climax is euphoric but still relaxing adding that special
feel good summer Ibiza touch to it. With sunkissed sounds and optimistic vocals to singalong I Will Fly is your summer trance favorite out now on That’s Trance.


Talla 2XLC presents RRAW! – Timeless

RELEASEDATE: 2022-06-17
LABEL: Technoclub Pure (ZYX)

The truly versatile and always on the spot Talla 2XLC presents Timeless which is his third outing as RRAW! It’s released on Technoclub Pure and
deliver his promise for an intense thunder pushing techno anthem. Rough raw dinosaur kicks and beats interrupted by short smooth break till to take us
all the way to the melodic euphoric breakdown perfect to bring some colour and light to excite even more. The crowd will go ballistic when the crashing
beats strike back for the final round of techno festivities. From techno to tech trance and beyond Timeless is dangerous and out now by the safe hands of Talla 2XLC pres RRAW!


Talla 2XLC & Ralphie B – Spirit

RELEASEDATE: 2022-06-10
LABEL: That’s Trance (ZYX)

Two legends of trance unite their incredible talents to deliver the spiritual journey we were waiting for years. The German Talla 2XLC & the Dutch Ralph Badense aka
Ralphie B finally collaborate for a sure banger. Τhe Spirit is classy elegant smooth uplifting trance at its very best. Solid foundation of cracking kicks and beats on top acid lines
and the massive synthy hooks that build tension and excitement till to land on the ethereal breakdown with superb violins, pianos and cinematic strings and delicate atmosphere.
Long and teasing will bring warmth in your hearts till the superb kick drum strikes back for the euphoric spiritually uplifting journey! You will not be disappointed even for a second.
It’s destined to be your essential tool for your summer festival sets. The Spirit by Talla 2XLC and Ralphie B is out now on That’s Trance.


Talla 2XLC & Roland Klein  – Nexus Point

RELEASEDATE: 2022-05-27
LABEL: Technoclub Retro

Technoclub Retro provides an updated remake by Talla 2XLC & Roland Klein of the beloved and hugely successful Nexus Point released back in 2000
on Angel Dust/Tracid Traxx. While the original is a spacey early tech trance track with prog influences, groovy foundation and euphoric synthy hook,
this Talla 2XLC and Roland Klein version is full on uplifter with techny chunky beats, driving forward basslines and fantastic application of the very infectious
and truly memorable melody. Τhe climax is uplifting to the bone with the hands in the air synthy lead pushing all the right buttons for the ultimate trance experience!
Nexus Point is back with a vengeance excellently recreated by Talla 2XLC and Roland Klein on Technoclub Retro.

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